We are humbled and motivated by those who have shared their story with all of us so that we can all grow, learn, feel, think of and mostly be inspired and inspire others. Search key words in this section and maybe you can relate or connect with others going through something similar.


I recently had the opportunity to work with a local personal brand photographer. She works with many women in business and encourages them to BE VISIBLE. This was a new concept for me. What did she mean? She went on to share this quote  “Visibility is about your value as

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My tee is to remind me that everything is okay. Sometimes I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Yes it is busy but even in the moments at home with my kids I feel like I should be doing more. Planning a great vacation, focusing on

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As many of us do at the end of the year I started reflecting on 2021 and anticipating 2022. It has been a crazy two years with the pandemic. It gets better than worse and has been a roller coaster. I think everyone is as confused as I am. And

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My words are ACCEPTANCE & GRATITUDE. Life is constantly giving us lessons. I choose to accept these as part of the master plan and learn and grow. So whatever life brings my way my attitude and approach to that situation or person teachers me something. I’m grateful for all the

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COURAGE  – the ability to do something that frightens one. Strength in the face of pain, grief or the unknown.  My word is simple…“COURAGE”. I know I’m a strong and independent person but courage is something I need to work on. I often find myself not wanting to rock the

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I have a dear friend who is just as busy as I am with her family. We would love to connect more during the week but are often caught up in shuffling kids around, working, caring for our families and homes that we don’t even get a chance to talk.

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I’ve come to a point in my life where very little ruffles my feathers. I’ve learned over the years that life can be tough at times but it can also be short. I choose to enjoy life. I no longer stress out about taking time off of work to go

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My niece is starting her senior year. She is an amazing young lady. Talented, smart, dedicated, athletic, but most importantly kind. So very kind. She has a huge heart. I want her to know she can move mountains. This world can be hard at times but my hope for her

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It has been a hard few years. It has taken me a while to process and heal from some unexpected trauma I went through. I was in such survival mode for so long for myself and those I care about most that I didn’t even have time to process much

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