I recently had the opportunity to work with a local personal brand photographer. She works with many women in business and encourages them to BE VISIBLE. This was a new concept for me. What did she mean? She went on to share this quote  “Visibility is about your value as a human being and what you have to offer the world. Nothing more than that.— julianne moore. And wow I get it. As a woman I have been a bit shy about putting myself out there. After all I don’t look like those IG models, nor am I as successful as so many other accomplished women I know. I often felt like I was sort of invisible, average, stuck in the middle just busy taking care of everyone in my life. If they were happy I was doing something right but what was I don’t for me or to help me even see me, to know me, to love me. Her quote made me realize we all have so much to offer just as we are and it’s time that as a woman I embrace that. So my phrase is BE VISIBLE as a reminder that I need to see me, and guess what I’m an absolutely beautiful person inside and out just as I am, its time I allow others to see me too. If I can BE VISIBLE and share my story I hope other women decide it’s time to show up too!

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