The words sound so cliche but they are incredibly true and powerful. In each of our lives there are points where we need to take stock and see the truth of who we are and to let it shine. It is natural to second guess your path and meaning and it should be expected.  This is needed to allow you to grow, but never question the essence of who you are and your true nature.  
All of us have been tested by some type of hardship. There is no one who is immune.  It is the nature of being human.  It could have been the loss of a loved one, the crushing blow of a heart break or the immense pressure of a toxic relationship. No matter the circumstance, allow yourself to self level, ground your being and look within.  
Look to the people and things that bring you back to center and allow them to flow through you and refresh the true nature of your soul.  Use this energy to then look within and know the answer is there.  Believe in yourself. 
“In a dark time the eye begins to see” – Theodore Roethke

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