I lost hope, was sad and depleted. We had just finished our 5th round of IVF. Along the way we were faced with challenge after challenge, and a few bright moments that would ultimately end in heartbreak and devastating loss. I couldn’t help but carry the brunt of it all. After all it was my body. It was at this point where I looked down two roads. One could lead to more of the same, the other was just as unknown and scary but could ultimately lead to a family. Both had daunting price tags and lots of obstacles but we chose to EMBRACE the journey that would definitely lead to our family… whatever that looked like. 

Fast forward to the many twists and turns life throws in along the way and yet my word remains true. Today, as I physically EMBRACE my two amazing boys brought together through adoption, my heart overflows with gratitude and love. My shirt reminds me that life is uncertain and challenging but if you EMBRACE life, it often leads you exactly where you are supposed to be.

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