I took a workshop from a life coach on creating a vision board. The workshop was great. She outlined how to create one and I had really thought about what I wanted on mine… But I never put my vision board together. In fact, instead I found myself immersed in tempting masterclass after masterclass listening to the experts who were willing to help me get my vision, businesses, and life to the next level. All these programs had big price tags and required a lot of time. Time I don’t have. Money I don’t have. You see I’m a mom, a stay at home, single mom, with two young boys and two small businesses. I was feeling that I’m failing because wow last year was hard. Young kids at home without many places to go, COVID, online schooling and not having much help at all was exhausting. On top of that my businesses/income suffered but there was not much I could do about it so we just made it through.

Now, I’m certainly not alone in this regard. It was a very rough year for so many. I’m actually very fortunate because so many lost loved ones, businesses, jobs, fought off the virus completely isolated, or were immobilized by fear. I didn’t realize it but I think I was sort of traumatized by so much of what was happening and I started 2021 wanting a fix, wanting more, wanting to see a difference, to grow, expand, to next level. 

I reached out to my friend the life coach, who taught the vision board workshop and she asked me what was most important to me. I didn’t hesitate. It’s my kids and this time with them while they are young. I explained that is why I started my own business to begin with so I could have a family and work from home. She calmly reminded me that EVERYTHING IS FINE. That I already have everything I wanted. She reminded me that I was already doing all the things, putting in the work, and wearing all the hats already to get to this point. She said if spending time with your kids is most important then do that, and don’t worry about taking your businesses to the the next level just yet. That taking the time to grow a business slowly is fine. We don’t always need that next course or next program. Or to add anything more to our already busy lives. 

She is right. I realized was chasing this vision of where I thought I had to be due to the traumas of the past couple years. As a woman, we get caught up in this cycle of needing to do more, be more, earn more, learn more, know more, more, more, more. We do for everyone else, and we keep going. Its okay to just stop and realize EVERYTHING IS FINE.

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