My words are “EXPERIENCE MORE” with the world shutting down due to the pandemic and seeing how fragile life can be at times, I’m more ready than ever to get out and experience more. I realized that during quarantine it had been years since my last vacation. I was so busy working and focusing on the day to day I really had not checked anything off on my bucket list. I had not even taken any risks in the past few years either. I have been living it safe, which is great but I’m so ready to experience more. More people, places, opportunities, more changes, more risk, even to make more mistakes. I’m ready to live more than I have in many years. Somehow along the way I lost that spirit I once had. I’ll have to push myself to meet new people, learn new things and to spend the money on that vacation, but getting out of my comfort zone is exactly what I want and need. 

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