My tee is to remind me that everything is okay. Sometimes I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Yes it is busy but even in the moments at home with my kids I feel like I should be doing more. Planning a great vacation, focusing on that goal, saving more money, earning more money, signing my kids up for more activities, pushing them more academically etc. I have to stop myself from going down this rabbit hole. Everything is fine. We are fine. They are doing fine. And you know what FINE IS FINE. In a world full of so much ambition and opportunities we get caught up in a rat race and social media makes it hard to not feel inadequate about ourselves at times especially when that 7 year old YouTuber is making millions playing video games or seeing the body of that 65 year old celebrity who looks way better at 65 than I have ever looked in all my life. It just makes us hard on ourselves but the truth is the more I think about it. FINE IS FINE. FINE IS REAL. FINE IS GREAT. FINE IS STILL PRETTY DAMN AMAZING. 

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