I experienced something I never thought I would have and it was a shock. I guess maybe that is not so true. Maybe my gut knew what my heart and head didn’t want to believe. My life as I knew it was being deconstructed and it was on me to figure out how to move forward. I’m so proud myself for how I carried on. How I processed, healed, let go and kept going… constantly looking for and focusing on the good. It was hard and there were days that were very painful and yet I persevered somehow. I look back at that time and how I felt and have no idea how I did it… but I know I’m full of “GRIT AND GRACE” and with that knowledge I have a new found belief in myself. A bravery knowing I can get through so much more than I even knew possible and I can do it with my head held high and be proud that my grace helped me take the high road and while my grit keeps me going and  focused on better days ahead. 

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