When I choose happy, living my best life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Late in 2018 my husband and I decided to end our marriage of 25 years. Although, it was a mutual decision, I went through all the classic stages of grief. I spent countless hours asking myself the question “Am I enough?” I found an affirmation necklace that I wore for well over a year which read “I am enough.” Some days I believed it but other days it wasn’t easy to do so. But any time I had doubt or lacked confidence, I’d touch the necklace, pull my thoughts together, put on a smile (not always easy) and move forward. And as a result, the emphasis on the words in my affirmation changed from “I am ENOUGH” to “I AM enough!” I became happy because I’d actually made the decision to choose happy. By doing so, it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Relationships with family and friends became richer, work felt rewarding again, and everything around me came into brighter focus. 

Today, I’m truly living my best life. And EVERY day when I wake up now, I choose happy!

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