Sometimes we all need a spark. A little inspiration. Hopefully you will find it here. Use it to propel you on your journey, and don’t forget to dream big and be brave. Be inspired and take time to inspire others. It all happens withIN first. 

Inspirational words or phrases

  • focus on the breath
  • find your heart center
  • feed your soul
  • evolve
  • embrace the moment
  • relax its ok
  • let go and breathe
  • be patient
  • flow and let go
  • start withIN
  • heart/mind/body/soul
  • laugh and repeat
  • be you
  • be free
  • peace of mind
  • priceless
  • dream big
  • create
  • feed your imagination
  • imagine
  • believe, work, reality
  • create from withIN
  • design your life
  • inspired withIN
  • inspire others
  • building my life
  • focus
  • fruition
  • feed your passion
  • follow your heart
  • dream awake
  • be bold and brave
  • let it go
  • courage
  • grit & grace
  • help & be helped
  • in the moment
  • release
  • surrender
  • fight 
  • never give up
  • start today
  • trust the journey
  • warrior
  • strive and thrive
  • one step forward
  • evolve
  • embrace life
  • never give up
  • practice & repeat
  • start early, stay late
  • invincible withIN
  • today is the day
  • dream big
  • defy odds. achieve.
  • heart/mind/body/soul
  • focus, faith, fruition
  • i can. i will.
  • i believe in me
  • nothing is impossible
  • dream it. do it.
  • try. try. try. achieve.
  • mind over body
  • strength from withIN
  • LOVE
  • open your heart
  • fight for love
  • compassion 
  • passion
  • be proud, be you
  • heart over head
  • love yourself first
  • love conquers all
  • be the change 
  • still beating
  • surrender
  • free to love
  • love withIN
  • ignite passion
  • never give up
  • patience
  • values, wisdom and love
  • lead by example
  • be the change
  • start today
  • never give up
  • hope
  • grow. nurture. thrive
  • you are the future
  • strong foundation
  • adapt. evolve. believe.
  • it is your path only
  • today is a new day
  • defy odds. hope.
  • watch me
  • family is love
  • explore
  • seek and find withIN
  • adventure awaits
  • life is an adventure
  • live every moment
  • start with a step
  • one with nature
  • push yourself
  • never give up
  • start today
  • trust the journey
  • explore. dream.
  • travel. repeat.
  • find yourself
  • embrace it all
  • go out to seek withIN
  • Amen
  • spirit withIN
  • surrender
  • praise always
  • gratitude = everything
  • trust the journey
  • hope & strength
  • give thanks. repeat.
  • blessed & grateful
  • it begins withIN
  • this too shall pass
  • trust in God
  • faith over fear
  • hope. believe. faith.
  • always believe
  • be a soul spark

inspired stories

“I Miss You”…

“David, are you ok?” These where the first words my sister asked me immediately after the doctor came in to tell her she was dying from cancer and had very little time left. To this day I still don’t know how someone faced with their own mortality could instinctively ask someone else if they where okay. Maybe it was in her nature, the same force that made her an amazing nurse or maybe she already knew the outcome in her heart, in any event it awes me to this day. 
My story is one that is probably familiar to a lot of people. It involves the loss of someone special to cancer. That someone special was my sister Chris. Chris was a beautiful person full of life. She was intelligent, soulful, determined and a loving young mother. She was taken away in the prime of her life but not before she had made a best friend of me, her brother. This journey to being close did not happen until we where older but once it began it left an indelible mark on my being and who I became. 
After Chris died I ignored my feelings and did so for years. So much so that I think it cost me some good relationships. I tried to carry on like my life was still in full gear and I refused to completely acknowledge the loss of my sister. Eventually I started to let my feelings out and allow myself to grieve. Now after many years I still cry when I think of her and wonder how my life would be different if she where still here. I wish she could see my two beautiful little boys. I wish she could talk to her daughter and let her know it’s ok to question your direction. I wish she could tell our mom and dad they did all they could and to not feel guilty. I wish she could help guide me through some of my challenges. I wish I could hug her. And most importantly I wish I could tell her ‘I miss you’.  

 “I MISS YOU” is what’s withIN me and I wear my t-shirt to honor Chris and to acknowledge my feelings.


I lost hope, was sad and depleted. We had just finished our 5th round of IVF. Along the way we were faced with challenge after challenge, and a few bright moments that would ultimately end in heartbreak and devastating loss. I couldn’t help but carry the brunt of it all. After all it was my body. It was at this point where I looked down two roads. One could lead to more of the same, the other was just as unknown and scary but could ultimately lead to a family. Both had daunting price tags and lots of obstacles but we chose to EMBRACE the journey that would definitely lead to our family… whatever that looked like.

Fast forward to the many twists and turns life throws in along the way and yet my word remains true. Today, as I physically EMBRACE my two amazing boys brought together through adoption, my heart overflows with gratitude and love. My shirt reminds me that life is uncertain and challenging but if you EMBRACE life, it often leads you exactly where you are supposed to be.

“I am a WARRIOR”…

I went through the most challenging, painful and biggest life lesson in December 2014.  It was almost Christmas! One of the most beautiful times of the year and yet, I wasn’t feeling beautiful or happy at all.  All I felt was very anxious, paranoid, depressed and exhausted.  I did not want to share these feelings with my loved ones or my family, because in my head, I felt I “should” be able to control them, and I did not want to burden them with my troubles.  I thought my thoughts and fears would go away when I would fall asleep and would disappear when I would wake up.  These thoughts were all in my head, I didn’t need to bother anyone else with my thoughts.  I “should” be able to handle them and control them.  As it turns out, I learned in that bitter winter, that it does take a village to bring someone out of the darkness and into the light.  In my support group at the time, I shared my story with everyone.  I will never forget what one of my fellow participants said to me; he said “You are a WARRIOR!”  

On the very, very painful days and even on the great days in 2015, I repeated this mantra to myself.  “I am a WARRIOR!” Because eventually, I started to believe it.  So my word is “WARRIOR.” And even now, when I forget how strong I am and look back on how far I have come, I stop and remind myself, “Yes! I truly am a WARRIOR!” I couldn’t have gotten through that living hell of a time without God, my family, my beautiful friends and my warrior-like spirit.  Don’t EVER give up! Because a warrior lives withIN everyone one of us!

withIN you is the power to rise above any situation or struggle, and to transform into the brightest, strongest version of you ever.
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"WithIN you is the light of a thousand suns."
— robert adams
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"Beauty comes from the happiness withIN"
— Liv Tyler
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"WithIN tears, find hidden laughter. Seek treasures amid ruins, sincere one."
— rumi
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"You can't change what's going on around you until you start changing what's going on withIN you."
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I've been focused on falling in love with me. I know I have flaws but I want to remind myself of my incredible value and self-respect. My phrase is "WORTH IT". I no longer focus on others opinions of me. Just mine.
I wanted to be better, and be the best role model for my daughter. As a single mom I'm the most influential person in her life. She needs to know women are mighty and can do anything. My shirt says "WATCH ME".
Always looking for a unique way to remain focused and grounded in this noisy world. I remind myself when I need that reminder which gives me that extra boost to persevere. And talk about the BEST GIFT ever. I struggle to find just the right thing for so many. Holiday shopping is going to be so easy and the positive psychological implications will last all year. I can't believe I just discovered withINSPIRED. No longer lost!

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