It has been a hard few years. It has taken me a while to process and heal from some unexpected trauma I went through. I was in such survival mode for so long for myself and those I care about most that I didn’t even have time to process much of it. Finally, when things calmed down and the intensity of the situation lessoned I was able to really work on healing and letting go. Change is so hard sometimes and we choose to be resentful which can cause angst in ourselves and brew negativity causing way more damage that was even initially done. By holding on to this we see it bubble up and effect those around us. I realized very quickly that the best thing for me and for my loved ones was to simply let go freely. Which is sometimes hard because so much can trigger these feelings. But my shirt is a reminder that I always have a choice and my choice is to letting go for ME. And in doing so I free myself, give forgiveness, gain inner peace, perspective and grace. LETTING GO FREELY is an active process. It takes time and I need reminding from time to time. But I also know it is the very best path for me.

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