We are humbled and motivated by those who have shared their story with all of us so that we can all grow, learn, feel, think of and mostly be inspired and inspire others. Search key words in this section and maybe you can relate or connect with others going through something similar.


I have a dear friend who is just as busy as I am with her family. We would love to connect more during the week but are often caught up in shuffling kids around, working, caring for our families and homes that we don’t even get a chance to talk.

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My niece is starting her senior year. She is an amazing young lady. Talented, smart, dedicated, athletic, but most importantly kind. So very kind. She has a huge heart. I want her to know she can move mountains. This world can be hard at times but my hope for her

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About three years ago my son was in need of a kidney. After a lot of searching and testing a woman named Pam, stepped forward and donated one of her kidneys. Her kidney turned out to be a perfect match – better than any family member’s. Before and after the

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Help to inspire others. Please share your story.

Everyone is going through something. Let us know your story and how your withINspired purchase inspired. Share your word or phrase and why it is uniquely important and motivating to you. Chances are their is a tribe of people who can relate and we can help to connect you with your people. 


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