We are humbled and motivated by those who have shared their story with all of us so that we can all grow, learn, feel, think of and mostly be inspired and inspire others. Search key words in this section and maybe you can relate or connect with others going through something similar.


The words sound so cliche but they are incredibly true and powerful. In each of our lives there are points where we need to take stock and see the truth of who we are and to let it shine. It is natural to second guess your path and meaning and

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Sometimes life can knock you on your backside. Many of us are struggling during these strange and uncertain times and having recently gone through a job loss I can closely relate. From a personal perspective the journey can be painful, scary and downright ugly at times. However, having lived through

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I experienced something I never thought I would have and it was a shock. I guess maybe that is not so true. Maybe my gut knew what my heart and head didn’t want to believe. My life as I knew it was being deconstructed and it was on me to

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As a high school sophomore I aspired to play on the varsity squad. To play on the “A” team and to be among the best athletes in the school was my goal.  I had the work ethic and the quickness but I lacked the size. In addition to the lack of

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When my niece had her first child and the second one was on its way, we didn’t know that her first child would be diagnosed with Wilms tumors on both kidneys.  Once we found this out, this changed our lives in a way no one could image.   With the second child

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I went through the most challenging, painful and biggest life lesson in December 2014.  It was almost Christmas! One of the most beautiful times of the year and yet, I wasn’t feeling beautiful or happy at all.  All I felt was very anxious, paranoid, depressed and exhausted.  I did not

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