We are humbled and motivated by those who have shared their story with all of us so that we can all grow, learn, feel, think of and mostly be inspired and inspire others. Search key words in this section and maybe you can relate or connect with others going through something similar.


As many of us do at the end of the year I started reflecting on 2021 and anticipating 2022. It has been a crazy two years with the pandemic. It gets better than worse and has been a roller coaster. I think everyone is as confused as I am. And

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Honestly,” IT’S POSSIBLE” is just a simple reminder because I have big dreams and lots of things I want to do…sometimes I get distracted by all that I need to learn/do/figure out. And this reminds me that everything I want truly IS POSSIBLE. It’s a reminder to trust in my

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I took a workshop from a life coach on creating a vision board. The workshop was great. She outlined how to create one and I had really thought about what I wanted on mine… But I never put my vision board together. In fact, instead I found myself immersed in

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I was talking to a friend and was expressing my concerns in starting a new business. It is scary to take a risk and try something new. I’m not only pouring my time, heart and soul into it but also investing my own money. I also mentioned how much I was learning

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As a high school sophomore I aspired to play on the varsity squad. To play on the “A” team and to be among the best athletes in the school was my goal.  I had the work ethic and the quickness but I lacked the size. In addition to the lack of

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Help to inspire others. Please share your story.

Everyone is going through something. Let us know your story and how your withINspired purchase inspired. Share your word or phrase and why it is uniquely important and motivating to you. Chances are their is a tribe of people who can relate and we can help to connect you with your people. 


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