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I’ve come to a point in my life where very little ruffles my feathers. I’ve learned over the years that life can be tough at times but it can also be short. I choose to enjoy life. I no longer stress out about taking time off of work to go

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I took a workshop from a life coach on creating a vision board. The workshop was great. She outlined how to create one and I had really thought about what I wanted on mine… But I never put my vision board together. In fact, instead I found myself immersed in

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Sometimes life can knock you on your backside. Many of us are struggling during these strange and uncertain times and having recently gone through a job loss I can closely relate. From a personal perspective the journey can be painful, scary and downright ugly at times. However, having lived through

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I experienced something I never thought I would have and it was a shock. I guess maybe that is not so true. Maybe my gut knew what my heart and head didn’t want to believe. My life as I knew it was being deconstructed and it was on me to

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When I choose happy, living my best life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy! Late in 2018 my husband and I decided to end our marriage of 25 years. Although, it was a mutual decision, I went through all the classic stages of grief. I spent countless hours asking myself the question

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