It has been such a hard year and people are still struggling. Depression is at an all time high. People are isolated and suffering income loss and stresses they never dealt with before.

A good friend of mine recently lost her only grandson to an overdose… There is nothing in this world I can say or do to take her pain away. Some emotions are big and grief is one of them. Many try to run from it or hide from it. I remember when I lost my dad suddenly at close to the age her grandson was nothing anyone said or did helped my pain. I was driving around 6 months later still felting very strong emotions, almost angry that life just continued on for everyone else while it had come to a crashing halt for me.  I remember I passed a billboard and it was all black and in the center had little white letters with the simple phrase “this too shall pass”. That hit me hard. I cried and let some my pain go… knowing that it wouldn’t always feel so raw helped me.

I sent my friend a withINSPIRED shirt that reads “this too shall pass” and I hope it brings her some comfort knowing she is loved, supported and not alone. That what happened was tragic and horrible but the good memories will live on and the pain won’t be so incredibly painful forever. And I hope that just knowing it will lessen some will help ease her heartache… if even just bit. 

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