Sometimes life can knock you on your backside. Many of us are struggling during these strange and uncertain times and having recently gone through a job loss I can closely relate. From a personal perspective the journey can be painful, scary and downright ugly at times. However, having lived through this experience I can honestly say that I am a better person for it.   It has made me a stronger and I now realize more than ever how lucky I am to have so many people who were looking out for me.  The support from my family was tremendous but some support came from areas that were unexpected.  Some of the most thoughtful gestures and acts of kindness literally came out of nowhere.  From the old but distant friend and former co-worker who continually checked my LinkedIn account to subtly let me know that he was thinking about me and who probably had much more to do with me landing my current job than I will ever know. From the key friends who shared words of wisdom and were also great listeners to random individuals in networking groups who went out of their way to help me.  All their support will never be forgotten and more importantly, I will now return the gesture two fold to others in the same situation. 

I know that a job loss isn’t even close to some of the things that others have to endure.  However, for me this experience was extremely stressful. Having my family’s life style and wellbeing hanging in the balance was terrifying.  Staring down extremely expensive health coverage that would have quickly drained our saving was downright awful.  Not to mention all the hard feelings of rejection and anger related to being let go. There were days and nights I sat staring at job posting, applying to anything that was remotely relevant and I often wondered where this was all leading. 

“Do you know where you are?  You are in a great tunnel and you are now half way through it. There is a small spark of light in front of you.  Follow it and you will find your salvation” – MARS

Fortunately, in the end the job loss was a great blessing.  I got a fresh start at an amazing company, one that cares about its employees.  I was able to shed a situation that was the wrong fit for me for one that offers hope, stability and a chance to grow. While I wasn’t the one to make the decision, I was the one who took the opportunity to evolve to become something better.  I just needed a “gentle” push to get there.  So remember that while you are in the midst of your trial and things look bleak and you might not know why things are happening, remember to “Trust the Journey”.   

These are the words on my withINSPIRED shirt and they remind me to look for the positive in the situation and trust in the goodness of humankind.  It’s there.  Sometimes we just need to look for it and Trust the Journey. 

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