As many of us do at the end of the year I started reflecting on 2021 and anticipating 2022. It has been a crazy two years with the pandemic. It gets better than worse and has been a roller coaster. I think everyone is as confused as I am. And I was questioning a bunch of things in my life as everything seems to have been turned upside down…. my job, my regular schedule, my normal hang outs, my friends, my family, even the city I have been living in has lost its luster. I started thinking of making some changes and the phrase that kept coming up was “WHY NOT?” Since so much had change it didn’t feel like the changes I wanted to make that in the past seemed radical to me for my own happiness were not that radical sounding anymore. Everything has been flipped upside down WHY NOT reconstruct it all to live the life I want and be near who I love and turn my passion into a business. I mean WHY NOT. And WHY NOT START TODAY!!!

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